National Conciliation and Mediation Board

Regional Branch No. 5

08 July 2022

Legazpi City- To continuously promote the formation of Labor and Management Cooperation (LMC) or Workplace Cooperation and Partnership (WCP) program in all business establishments and institutionalization of Grievance Machinery, the Regional Conciliation and Mediation Board No. 5 conducted a plant-level orientation seminar on NCMB Programs and Services to Camarines Sur Electric Cooperative IV (Casureco IV) on July 5, 2022, at Bigg’s Diner, Goa, Camarines. The seminar primarily delves into three major programs: Labor-Management Cooperation (LMC), Grievance Machinery (GM), and Conciliation Mediation (CM).

Casureco IV is a non-stock, non-profit franchised electric cooperative that supplies electric services. It covers nine (9) areas in Camarines Sur namely: Ocampo, Tigaon, Sagnay, Goa, San Jose, Lagonoy, Presentacion, Caramoan, and Garchitorena. It is managed by General Manager, Renato Z. San Jose.

The RCMB-5 team together with Regional Branch Director, Reynaldo S. Foncardas, led the program advocacy. AO III, Jennifer Mae Novela gave an introduction and brief overview of the NCMB programs and services. Dir. Foncardas discussed the conciliation and mediation program reiterating that the NCMB-5 has been actively promoting the use of alternative modes of dispute resolution. He emphasized the shifting of mindsets from litigation/adjudication to mediation which is problem-solving.

In the afternoon session, Senior LEO Hazel Caroche discussed the LMC program. As explained, “LMC when nurtured, exercised with proper performance management and inspiring leadership, and used effectively and efficaciously through time will reduce disgruntled employees, eliminate hostile work environment, and minimize the amount of workplace dissatisfaction.”

The objective of the LMC is to have an avenue for both workers and management for information sharing, effective communication and consultation, and group problem-solving, Caroche added.

Grievance Machinery program was discussed by Supvg. LEO Josephine Amaranto. “It is a machinery for the resolution of grievances arising from the interpretation or implementation of a collective bargaining agreement or the interpretation or enforcement of company personnel policies”, Amaranto explained. Further, it allows the employees to voice their concerns and provide a peaceful resolution of disputes.

A total of thirty-two (32) participants from union officers and management of Casureco IV attended the activity. The seminar ended with a highly interactive question and answer which clarified their issues and concern. /end/

Prepared by: 

JENNIFER MAE A. NOVELA                      

Administrative Officer III               



Regional Branch Director